About SEI Logistics Ltd.

Multi-level Consultation Service to Mining Companies in Grande Prairie, Clairmont, Calgary, AB


Chace Barber  -  Owner/Operator - (250) 280-2997

BA - Economics

Chace has spent his entire career in the trucking industry.  He has operated his own small company for 2 years before starting SEI.  Chace brings with him over 10 years of experience hauling to remote mine sites, on logging roads, and in the oilfield.  

Eric Little - Energy Consultant - (867) 536-5053

BCom - Accounting

Eric is a formerly trained accountant and financial analyst. He specializes in contract acquisition and negotiation. With an affirmed appreciation for the Canadian Mining industry, Eric is always working to find the most cost-effective solutions for our prospective clients.  

Blair Iles- Operations Director - (250) 574-8398

Blair has a diverse background in the transport industry. As a class 1 driver and heavy duty mechanic he keeps our equipment moving.

Our Solutions 

Logistics and energy are paramount towards the success of the operational mine site. We provide customized solutions to the Canadian mining industry that ensure safe, environmentally conscious and cost effective processes.

Our focus is on sustainability, to ensure long-term solutions are utilized at every turn. We provide a multi-level consultation service to mining companies which covers all aspects of energy and logistical project requirements.

SEI Logistics provides a variety of innovative solutions for the Canadian Mining Industry:

  • Renewable Power Generation Systems
  • Mine Equipment & Material Transportation Services
  • Fuel/Solar Based Power Generation Systems